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In 2004, in the Ministry of National Education Spatial Decision Support System (SSDS) project, financed by Microsoft and with the integrator of Sentim, Başarsoft, as a subcontractor, has developed a web-based software with MapInfo technologies (MapXtreme 2004 .NET platform) to analyze schools, investments, number of teachers and students, and to determine investment needs according to the current and projected population.

Within the scope of the project, until the end of 2005, all primary and high schools in 81 city centers were placed in their real coordinates and delivered to the institution along with street, road, neighborhood and interesting social points maps of the provincial centers.

Although the designed system is completely compatible with the system used in the Ministry of National Education, it has not been implemented.

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New opening in “Decision Support Systems”

Based on the strategic decisions made in the national development plans, in order to effectively train the country’s manpower; To direct the capacities of vocational and regular high schools, To train people in the way they can be employed by following the developments of the economic sectors, using school resources effectively

On the basis of Turkey;

  • • Number of teachers, distribution of teachers according to their branches
  • • Number and distribution of students according to their gender and classes, types of schools
  • • School success percentages (ÖSYM, LGS)
  • • School inventory Information (number of classrooms, number of laboratories..)
  • • Population projections and capacity estimations

With the address information of the schools in the MEBBIS database;

  • • Schools are placed in their geographical location
  • • Number of completed provinces: 81
  • • School information and the information in the MEBBIS database are directly related
  • • Thematic analyzes can be made on the basis of provinces and districts throughout Turkey, and on the basis of schools within the province

For more detailed information, please see our MEB YEGİTEK Project Brochure.

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