OSB (Ostim) Project


Today, one of the most important factors that enable the economic development of the provinces is the Organized Industrial Zones (OIZ). OIZs have to manage themselves and establish infrastructure systems, land inventory and information systems containing company information due to the large areas they own and the large number of companies they contain.

Operations such as managing and updating such large data belonging to OIZs, transferring the data to be collected through field work to the main system are among the most important problems of these administrations.

GIS is an effective assistant for transferring, querying, managing, reporting and updating all these data in a coordinated manner to the computer environment.

For this purpose, desktop and web applications prepared using MapInfo and MapXtreme not only help people to manage the system, but also provide information about the subjects to internet users that over the Web.


Maximum Utilization of Spatial Information

OIZ managements are responsible to provide infrastructure services such as natural gas, electricity, drinking water, sewerage, rain water and fiber cable networks, also other services such as island/plot and company information to companies in their area of ​​responsibility.

In the old system, to provide these services were carried out in independent departments. For example, after the excavation work for natural gas in a region a week ago, excavation work was made again for sewage in the same region the next week. With the OIZ Information System, when the changes made by the personnel in the relevant unit are instantly updated in the system, it is possible for the personnel and managers in other units to follow the changes online and thus be aware of the situation.

All information related to infrastructure and other services within the OIZ can be queried, changed information can be updated, and subscribers affected because of a breakdown or during operation can be found by network analysis and informed about the situation.
All queries and analyzes can be seen on the map and can be labeled and reported as desired.