Dash Cam Star

Vehicle Security Camera Application

Dash Cam Star is an application that can be used as a vehicle security camera on mobile devices, which is offered to the user completely free of charge and ad-free.

While the application is recording the video image of the road while driving, it also makes sense by processing city objects such as street signs and traffic signs detected in the camera image with artificial intelligence. In addition, the application can continue to work in the background and when the screen is off, it is configured to use the internet at a minimum level.

Dash Cam Star Features:

  • • Loop Video Recording (Old videos are automatically deleted to make room for new videos.)
  • • Capable of Recording Videos with/Without Audio
  • • Ability to Work in the Background
  • • Photo Capture Feature
  • • Map Display
  • • 3 Types of Map Options: Street Map, Night Mode, Satellite View
  • • Traffic Density Information
  • • Written Location/Address Display
  • • Real Speed Display
  • • Speed Limit Alert
  • • Trip Analysis Reports (Display of trip duration, distance, top speed and average speed data)
  • • Emergency Detection (Detection of sudden movement such as a crash)
  • • Quick Dial 112 in Emergency (In case of emergency, 112 number (All Emergencies (all over Turkey for Ambulance, Police, Fire, Coast Guard, Gendarmery etc.)) and dial key are displayed.
  • • Data Usage Limit (Internet consumption can be restricted, large data transfers can only be made via WiFi)

Download The App

Download the Dash Cam Star mobile app for free from the App Store and Google Play.

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DepremRiskim Google Play
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Record Your Journey

• You can record video of your journey and take snapshots. The application can continue to run in the background and when the screen is off.
• You can see your current location on the map and access the written address information of your location.
• You can see the instant speed and the maximum speed information of the route you are going. If the application is turned on from the settings, when you exceed the maximum speed limit, it warns you visually and audibly.

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View and Analyze Your Journey

• You can view and easily share videos and photos of your journey.
• The app uses loop video recording to automatically delete old videos to creating storage for new videos.
• You can access the time, distance, top speed and average speed data of your journey, view the location of the photo you took and the information of the route you took during the recorded video on the map.
• The application can view the areas on the map where you exceed the maximum speed limit.

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Emergency Detection

• When the device detects a sudden movement, such as hitting, by making use of the sensor information, 112 or the emergency contact number you have previously saved in the settings are called.

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Image Interpretation with Artificial Intelligence

• While users record their journeys in the application, thanks to artificial intelligence; By detecting street signs, traffic signs and lights, Başarsoft anonymously contributes to the enrichment of map data.
• No personal information such as phone numbers, e-mail addresses, social media accounts of users is collected.

The Value Added by Dash Cam Star to its User

and Photo Recording


Display of
Location-Address Information in Written

Image Interpretation
with Artificial Intelligence


Ability to Work
in the Background

Dash Cam Star F.A.Q.

Can the application be used offline without being connected to the internet?

Yes, the Dash Cam Star application can also be used offline.

Is the app running in the background?

On Android devices, our application can record video if background permission is given. Due to the security policies of the operating system on IOS devices, the application cannot record video in the background.

Is there a silent video recording without hearing the sounds inside the vehicle?

Yes, this can be controlled from the settings page.

Is it possible to turn off the maximum speed limit warning?

Yes, you can control this and make any customizations you want from the settings page.

Do you have a solution for long video recordings that require storage space?

The app uses loop video recording feature to automatically delete old videos, free up storage space for new videos. From the settings page, you can manage settings such as video resolution, number and length of videos to be recorded.

Can I change the emergency contact number?

Yes, you can specify the number you want to be reached in an emergency.

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