Distance Calculation

Distance calculation is the numerical expression of how far two points are from each other. In cartography, the distance between two points is divided into two as bird flight distance and road distance. Bird flight distance is calculated by drawing a straight line between two points. The length of this drawn line will give the distance value. The actual distance is obtained by multiplying this length by the denominator of the map scale.

The road distance varies according to the travel vehicle. In case of traveling by foot or vehicle, the required distance is the road distance. In order to calculate the highway distance;

  • — All roads to provide transportation between two points,
  • — It is necessary to know the characteristics of the roads (length, direction information, number of lanes, speed limit etc.).

In order to reach the actual road distance, it is necessary to determine the optimum route between two points. Calculation can be made over the fastest or shortest road distance.

  • The shortest possible road between two points are preferred to calculate the shortest road distance.
  • In order to calculate the fastest road distance, considering factors such as speed limit limits, road structure and road traffic situation: the fastest, if not the shortest, roads are preferred.

According to the preferred method, the road distance is obtained by summing the road lengths of all roads on the route.

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Başarsoft Solution for Calculating Distance Between Provinces

For calculating distances between provinces, Başarsoft provides services under three headings: route calculation, distance matrix and TSP service.

  • With route calculation, the most suitable route can be created according to the shortest distance or the shortest time from point A to point B. This service can be used to calculate the distance between two provinces.
  • Distance matrix is ​​an algorithm that can calculate road distances and travel time from multiple points to multiple points. By using this service, a matrix can be obtained with the distances and travel times of 81 provinces relative to each other.
  • TSP (Travelling Salesman Problem) service can be used to create the fastest or shortest route from one point to more than one point. TSP service is a service that is frequently used especially in the field of logistics. In cases where distribution to many points is required, starting from one point, the fastest or the shortest distribution routes are created according to preference.

For detailed information about Başarsoft routing solutions, you can contact us.

How is Map Distance Measurement Made? – Calculating Distance from Map

For distance measurement from the map, the lengths of the roads to be traveled on the map are obtained. The actual distance is calculated by adding the obtained lengths and multiplying the denominator of the map scale.

Google Maps Distance Calculation

In road distance calculation, Google Maps Platform serves with Distance Matrix API. Distance Matrix API is a service that provides travel time and distance from multiple points to multiple points. The API returns information based on the suggested route between the start and end points as calculated by the Google Maps API and consists of rows with time and distance values for each pair.

Distance Measurement from Satellite

The distance to be obtained by measuring the distance from the satellite gives the bird flight distance. However, this information obtained especially in route calculation studies is incorrect. Calculations over the road network are necessary for accurate results.

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