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Territory planner is a decision supporting /geographical territory management application that developed by Başarsoft to determine which distributer/vehicle or area of branch should delivery orders which longitude latitude are known.

Importance of Territory Planner for Delivery & Logistics Companies

Depending on the current conditions, increasing of transition volume from physical world to virtual and related to this situation, people’s orders tend to make from E-Commerce have made a serious role to increasing to workload of delivery & logistic companies.

One of the biggest needs in the logistic operations are assign which distribution vehicle should deliver product and which delivery area that product should be sent.

With Territory Planner API, you can determine which distribution area and even which vehicle’s distribution zone that delivery should be sent. With this way, while reducing your time for operational processes you can also make zone assignment with a fast and geographic way.

Advantages of Territory Planner

Territory Planner is a decision support application that provides planning for all business activities according to employees, geography and customers.

Defining sales areas via drawing on a map platform provides geographical organization to management of employee/zone. This function also makes an opportunity to save your work force and time management.

Territories that have been created orderly makes business process more efficient by reducing waste of time and increase customer satisfaction.

Detailed Information about Territory Planner

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With Territory Planner;

  • • Show all your customers on the map platform!
  • • Manage your zones building/door number detailed with Başarsoft’s advanced base map
  • • Create your sales/delivery zones with divisions, catchment analysis, grid drawing or manual drawing on the map!
  • • With Territory Planner API support, determine which zone and vehicle/personnel will provide service to the point that needs to be reached. Determine alternative branches/vendors that can deliver to the location with zone intersection control.
  • • Create and manage attribute informations of constituted distributor/branch/distribution zones.
  • • Make filtering with attribute infos of created zones.
  • • Detect risks and potential by viewing data of Başarsoft POI (Point of Interest) which consists of 419 sub-categories.
  • • View your customer data which have geographical coordinates according to customer segmentation.

Information About Territory Planner Projects

Territory planner is used for all of last mile delivery projects as a fast and geographically way to determine which address is related to which delivery zones.

Territory Planner is mainly used for distribution of water orders from dealers and package – fast food delivery to determine right branch and personnels.





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