Cengiz SEVİM

İstanbul Building Management Specialist

Türk Telekom Success Story

How did Türk Telekom achieved success by working with Başarsoft’s Rotaban service?

When we were making service route planning for our personnel over 6000 at locations across Turkey, we were trying to do the right planning with the manual workload, and would face various difficulties from the planning of the process to its management. While searching for a solution to get over these difficulties, we met with Başarsoft. With the support that Başarsoft’s “Service Route Optimization” application named Rotaban has provided, we made a coordinated infrastructure of our personnel’s addresses by arranging them. By making the most correct route planning over the created stops for our staff, we found the opportunity to optimize easily.

With Rotaban, fuel usage of the service vehicles has decreased immensely; and because we were in the need off lesser number of service vehicles with the optimization that is executed, we carried out our responsibility to nature with lesser carbon emission, thus ensured ease of management and savings. We thank Başarsoft for their support.

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