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DyDo Drinco - Saka Water Success Story

How did DyDo Drinco – Saka Water digitize map infrastructures by working with Başarsoft’s Territory Planner, Başar Map Server, Geomarketing and Field Workforce Applications?

I have worked at Dydo Drinco Turkey for 14 years on various projects and tasks to develop our Saka brand and increase our service quality. I have been working as Sales Development Manager in our company for the last 2 years.

First of all, I would like to briefly talk about our company and then tell how our paths crossed with Başarsoft. DyDo Drinco Turkey; Saka, Çamlıca, Cola Turka, Maltana, İçim, Link, Sunny, and Joozy is one of the leading beverage companies in Turkey. DyDo Drinco Turkey products, which currently have 5 production facilities and approximately 700 employees, are mainly in Turkey; It is consumed lovingly in 12 countries that it exports to, mostly in the European region.

From 2022 as Dydo Drinco Turkey, we deliver products such as water, mineral water, fruit juice, and carbonated beverages to hundreds of thousands of households and hundreds of corporate customers in 61 cities with over 400 dealers and approximately 1,500 distribution personnel. We deliver to more than 60.000 different addresses every day.

Our top priority is to deliver the fishery products, which are the basic needs of the FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) industry, following our quality standards and on time. For this reason, we have held meetings with many companies in the process that we are in search of determining the service areas of our dealers, creating the duty areas of our distribution personnel, and informing the right dealer and distribution personnel instantly with inter-machine communication without any human intervention from the channel where the orders come from. After determining that the data provider of these companies was Başarsoft, we shared our project directly with Başarsoft Company.

Many problems such as orders coming from many different channels in variable address formats, street, and street data cannot be kept up-to-date in the existing address infrastructure, the service areas of the dealers cannot be seen on the map, the coordinate verification cannot be made when delivering the orders, the real delivery times cannot be determined, and the efficiency analysis cannot be made visually in the dealership areas. We produced solutions to the evaluations we made.

By using Başarsoft’s Başar Map Server, Territory Planner, Geomarketing, and Field Workforce Applications;

– We have a constantly updated and coordinated address infrastructure.

– You can draw dealership areas on maps with geographical boundaries, visually intersecting areas

We can evaluate and make changes visually.

– We can easily integrate the geographical boundaries of our dealers with our business partners.

– We clarified the duties of the distribution personnel. In this way, we ensured that each order is reported directly to the relevant delivery man.

  • — We ensured that the orders are dynamically reordered according to the location of the distribution personnel, thus saving both distribution cost and time with traffic density data.
  • — We have gained a structure that can take the real delivery times of orders with geographical coordinate verification and perform more accurate analyzes.
  • — We have switched to a system that allows us to report complaints, campaign efficiency, analysis of distribution times, and performance of regional and distribution personnel in each dealership region.
  • — We ensured that demographic data are used in regions where evaluations such as determining the potential in the dealership region and determining the location of the dealer’s warehouse are necessary.

In summary, it was very important for us from the initial stage to the success of the project, to be able to construct a structure for Dydo Drinco Turkey’s Saka brand, to examine and design all processes professionally, and to achieve success through open communication channels in this operation, which we carried out end-to-end before, during and after the order. We have been maintaining good cooperation for 3 years with the geographical information infrastructure and devoted support of our business partner Başarsoft in this project. We would like to thank the Başarsoft team, who always act professionally and ask questions that are not asked and are solution-oriented, for their support and open communication.

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