CIO, Head of IT

Pronet Success Story

How did Pronet digitalized their map substructures by working with Başarsoft’s Kaydet.com Service?

I am Özgür Çetin. I have been working as a Deputy General Manager Responsible for Information Technologies for almost 16 years under the Pronet family. As Pronet, we conduct customer-oriented studies since the day we were established. Being an Alarm Tracking Centre with most advanced substructure of Turkey means racing with time. It is very important for our operation to access correct location information for the setup teams to provide fast service and make fast directing to correct location after setup.

By using Başarsoft’s address services, we provide the addresses in a standardized form with coordinations. By this way, we decreased the time and effort loss our teams had while being in the process of reaching the related location, thus increased the customer satisfaction. We thank all Başarsoft members…

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