Deputy Director of GIS and Channel Management

MNG Kargo Success Story

How did MNG Kargo achieve success by using Başarsoft’s Geocoder and Başar Map Server products?

I have been working as GIS and Channel Management Assistant Manager at MNG Kargo for about 8 years.

As MNG Kargo, we aim to deliver cargo within the time we undertake by meeting customer expectations, to be a leader in the use of developing technologies and to always provide ‘quality’ service to our customers in the sector.

As MNG Kargo, we adopt the principle of “Always accurate, timely and fast delivery” with a quality, safe and customer-oriented approach. With this vision, our journey with Başarsoft began in 2013. As a result of our test studies, when we decided to move our verbal address database to vectorial/digital address infrastructure, we decided to use Başarsoft’s infrastructure.

In this way, depending on the formation of the coordinates of each cargo, we have provided the infrastructure for Customer-Branch based, density-temperature maps, data source for CRM, routing and instant tracking. Depending on the increasing transaction volume in e-commerce, we are continuously continuing to reduce error rate with algorithm improvements to find the right delivery branch with the right geocode.

The first studies with the desktop application evolved into a user-friendly web-based interface with the cooperation of Başarsoft-MNG Kargo. In this way, it was possible to quickly switch to the new address sets offered by Başarsoft, and a development independent of end-user hardware power was achieved.

We hope that Başarsoft-MNG Kargo cooperation will continue for many years in this context…

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