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İstegelsin Success Story

How did istegelsin work with Başarsoft and achieve success in their online orders?

With the pandemic entering our lives, it is a fact that consumer habits are changing rapidly, and digital platforms are gaining great importance.

Consumers order their needs online, and want their orders delivered to their desired location and time.

Due to our unique businessmodel, we as Istegelsin, own a huge market share of our sector. In order to further increase this share, we keep developing our operational processes which will make the lives of our users easier.

For a healthier process management, the accuracy of the address information we receive from our customers is of great importance.

For the sole purpose of delivering the orders of our customers in time, we were looking for an address solution. During our search, our paths crossed with Başarsoft. We started to receive up-to-date and accurate address information we needed with the Autocomplete Service provided by Başarsoft.

With the help of this service, we are now able to shorten the time we spend during the address entries of our customers, and we have reached the correct address information. This reflected in customer order deliveries and helped us work more efficiently. As Istegelsin, we would like to thank Başarsoft for their support on timing and up-to-date address data in our customer experience journey.

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