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GfK Success Story

How did GfK achieve success using Başarsoft’s Field Data Collection Application?

Our strategic business partnership with Başarsoft has been continuing actively since 2018. Thanks to the application we developed together, we had the opportunity to digitize our full counting efforts in 2018. In this way, we have made great progress in keeping our workspace database keep up to date and updating it regularly. The application we have used has continued to be developed in response to our changing needs and demands in the past years.

As a result of the advantages brought by digitalization, we experienced significant improvements in quality, speed and costs. Thanks to our historical database, we had the opportunity to closely follow the development and change of the sectors we follow and analyze them in detail.

Following the success we achieved in Turkey, we started to use the application we designed in 2020, in the Middle East and African countries where GfK operates. With this expansion, Başarsoft has proven to be a partner that can serve us worldwide.

In addition, with the application we have developed together in the past years, we have started to provide services to leading companies and manufacturers from different sectors, either once or continuously, in different types of research such as market size, full count, and dealer positioning.

Başarsoft and GfK are two strategic business partners that have managed to blend their experience and knowledge in the industry. Our greatest desire is to continue to produce new business models and value-added services according to the needs of our customers and the market together in the following years.

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