Adem EGE

Administrative Affairs & Procurement Specialist

FLO Success Story

How did FLO achieved success by working with Başarsoft’s Rotaban service?


Through the Rotaban “Service Route Optimization” application in the scope of our partnership with Başarsoft, we brought false and disorganized and even missing addresses to a coordinated structure by arranging our personnel’s addresses. While finding an opportunity to easily optimize our personnel’s service route by these means, we made the most correct and accessible service route planning for our staff over the stops in these routes we have formed.

Thanks to Rotaban, we ensured a noticeable decrease in our vehicle number while decreasing the fuel use in our service vehicles significantly. And while minimizing the carbon emission, we fulfilled our responsibility to the environment. We say that we are glad to meet the Rotaban product because of this process that made the management easier. We thank the Başarsoft for their support.

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