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ESGAZ Success Story

How did ESGAZ reached success by using Başarsoft’s GasnetMaestro product?

I have been working on Geographical Information Systems in ESGAZ A.Ş. for 13 years. I have been working as a GIS Team Leader since 2020. First natural gas use in Eskişehir had been done in Eskişehir organized industrial area with 100.000 m3/h capacity type A pressure decrease and measurement station by BOTAŞ A.Ş. in 1990. ESGAZ A.Ş., who joined the KOLİN A.Ş. companies group with privatization process in 2004, has provided Eskişehir with a modern face and prevented environmental pollution by popularizing the use of natural gas. ESGAZ A.Ş. has reached 500.000 subscribers by the end of the 2021.

The subscriptions before GIS were kept with textual information and caused time loss and slow continuation of the process in gas opening and counter reading operations because there were no spatial address data. The decision support mechanism was needed to keep the subscriber data on map with real and correct locations; view, query and report the network data by correlating them to address data; and make the work in the field faster and more accurately.

We needed to use the Geographical Information Systems application to ensure the requirements such as creating address and infrastructure reports, fastening the information flow between units, providing effective and accurate analysis, preventing information redundancy and inconsistency, ensuring the accuracy of the address infrastructure and subscriber addresses on the map, displaying the address and natural gas infrastructure together, and managing them in a controlled manner. We met Başarsoft as ESGAZ A.Ş. in 2007 and started working with the GIS application that Başarsoft developed. Having switched to 32-bit application in 2012, we use the 64-bit GasnetMaestro application with the renewed interface after 2019. Currently, there are integrations such as subscriber information system, SCADA, stock management, request management and document register system. Integrations enable the questioning of the data accordingly to their spatial qualities and receive a wide range of reports. GasnetMaestro being able to view more than one structures all together has ensured the faster proceeding of all our processes and increase the productivity.

In the point that we reached, address information belonging to our subscribers have been turned from textual values to spatial address data with correct location. Natural gas substructure has been gathered together with correct address bases and integrated data. Thus a great contribution has been made in terms of the work productivity, and correct and fast continuation of the processes.

We prefer Başarsoft for working with a team that is expert on Geographical Information System, working with innovative and up-to-date technology, and solution-oriented service ethics. We recommend them to all firms that are in need of a solution partner.

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