Hüseyin Kırşan

Hüseyin KIRŞAN

Operational Technologies Manager

Dicle Elektrik (DEDAŞ) Success Story

How did Dicle Elektrik (DEDAŞ) reached success by using Başarsoft’s PowernetMaestro product?

I have been working in electricity distribution sector for 18 years. I have been managing for 9 years in this sector, and now I am continuing the duty of Operational Technologies Manager within Dicle Elektrik Dağıtım A.Ş.

As Dicle Elektrik Dağıtım A.Ş., we provide electricity distribution service at 6 provinces in the Southeast Anatolia Region. We continue works to give quality, uninterrupted, dissipationless energy to our customers as a company.

In prior to GIS, network datas were kept in paper, excel tables or CAD applications as graphics. It was hard to access data and there were no data integrity and topicality. Data security could not be ensured because of individual dependency. Network size and statistics were not known definitely and planning for future could not be done. For our needs such as network management and analysis, asset inventory, outage management, project making and network loss calculation, we needed environments where the network datas were managed.

We met Başarsoft in 2007 in the scope of the project we made for the management of the electricity distribution network in digital platforms. We preferred Başarsoft for being a local firm, being eager in developing solution-oriented applications, taking fast action accordingly to desired needs, and most importantly being easy to reach. We needed the analysis and management of the data over a system hence the size of the network and the geography we provide service to being large and difficult as a region. For this reason, we have decided to work with Başarsoft’s PowernetMaestro. PowernetMaestro had many contributions to us in rule based network drawing feature, easy data analysis and management.

We have integrations such as work intelligence, customer information system, DMS, OMS, SCADA, OSOS, vehicle fleet, analyzer, maintenance, Ministry of Agriculture, EPDK, TEDAŞ, General Directorate of Maps, General Directorate of GIS, NVI present on our system. Integrations ensure share and transaction of datas up to date, easy access and fast updating of many datas. We can combine more than one structure on our system, and can do analysis and planning. And the most important point is that existing integrations gain us great time.

From past to present, we have formed a strong solution partnership relation with Başarsoft. We learn and progress together, and this strengthens the bonds between. We thank them for their fast support in all our processes. We suggest them to the firms that seek for a solution partner.

DMS: Distribution Management System

OMS: Outage Management System

SCADA: Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition

OSOS: Automatic Counter Reading System

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