Network Planning/Channel Management Manager

ARAS KARGO Success Story

How did Aras Kargo digitize the map infrastructures by working with Başarsoft’s Kaydet Service?

As Aras Kargo, we are one of the Cargo companies with the largest distribution network in Turkey with our nearly 1000 service units and a fleet of more than 5 thousand vehicles. As one of the leading companies in the Turkish economy, we believe that having a powerful map infrastructure is of great importance both for the proper management of our business processes and for customer communication. We believe that digital platforms also provide great benefits in reaching our customers. The positioning of all our service centers within the scope of our brand with up-to-date information in digital map channels is an issue that we prioritize with sensitivity. Being available on many search platforms allows our customers to easily reach us and strengthen our brand awareness.

We would like to thank Başarsoft for its “Kaydet Service“, which provides solutions for automating all data flow processes and enables us to make all platform recordings from one place.

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