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Aras Elektrik Success Story

How did Aras Elektrik digitize distribution networks using Başarsoft’s PowernetMaestro product?

I have been working in the electricity distribution sector for 20 years and since 2015 I have been working as the Geographic Information Systems Chief at Aras Elektrik Dağıtım A.Ş.. As Aras Elektrik Dağıtım A.Ş., we have been making both investments and improvements in electricity networks in order to provide uninterrupted energy to our subscribers despite the difficult climatic and geographical conditions in 7 provinces and 58 districts within our responsibility zone since 2013.

Before the establishment of the geographic information system, the job was very difficult due to the lack of a system where we could see the whole of the network. There were personnel who had knowledge about the network in the companies and tasks were carried out with their statements. However, if these personnel left the company, it would take 1-2 years for the replacement personnel to learn the network. This was a problem in the progress of the work.

Due to the lack of a network model, it was necessary to go to the field for any kind of exploration. These works took time and caused financial losses. Investment plans could not be made properly due to the lack of a network model, and again they were tried to be carried out with the statements of the personnel. As a result, distribution services were carried out with these statements, and the analyzes made could have been far from the real situation.

Geographic information systems was needed to have full command of the field, to plan investments better, to make proper analyzes and to minimize the workload with integrations. As Aras Elektrik Dağıtım A.Ş., we started to use PowernetMaestro software developed by Başarsoft since 2015. Thanks to the integrations, the workload has been minimized, meaningful data has been created by developing other software, and systems have been integrated into the GIS software. Without GIS, talking about the existence of other software that makes model-based analysis would not be possible.

As a result, the establishment of a geographic information system is of vital importance for companies like us that do specific jobs, and tasks/analyses that seem like a dream without GIS, take a lot of time to do have become much easier today and awareness has increased.

We would like to thank Başarsoft for collecting the data from the field, transferring them to the software and for standing by us sincerely in the problems experienced until today. I recommend Başarsoft products to other companies.

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