What is Orthophoto?

Orthophoto is the products obtained by re-arranging the aerial photographs containing the 3D coordinate (x, y, z) information of the earth by eliminating the rotation and height errors, and purifying them from scaled and existing distortions.

Orthorectification is the process of transforming aerial photographs obtained by UAV, satellite and aircraft into a vertical projection by correcting the errors that occur due to factors such as the platform, height, rotation, etc.. Orthophotos, which are the images obtained by this process, are needed in all fields dealing with surveying, deformation, agriculture, engineering applications, urbanism, mining, search and rescue, defense and earth sciences..

Today, the usage areas of orthophotos have increased a lot. They make a great contribution to the socio-economic development of a city, region or country. Orthophotos It is frequently used in the need for high resolution base maps, spatial planning of the city (road, infrastructure works, environmental protection), spatial analysis, map making, displaying land use and many other areas.

Orthophoto Image

Special aircraft have been developed to take pictures of the earth. By processing the images obtained by the aircraft, orthophoto images can be used for basemap and plan drawing processes at various scales. Thanks to the orthophoto image produced with special data processing techniques, various details can be seen on the earth and purpose-oriented data can be produced. In this respect, orthophoto images have become one of the most preferred remote sensing methods.

Orthophoto Drone

As a result of technological developments, high-accuracy orthophoto maps can be prepared from aerial photographs produced by Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV). The position accuracy of orthophos produced from aerial photographs taken by various types of UAVs can reach up to ±3-5 cm.

With its real-time data transfer feature; UAVs can provide important information such as fire, flood, weather conditions to the ground station instantly. Drones are unmanned aerial vehicles that can be controlled, commanded, and recorded video and images with a remote control.

Generally, vehicles that can fly unmanned in the air are called drones. But according to some sources, there are differences between UAV and drones. Both technologies are used to obtain aerial photographs. However, drones are usually preferred for needs in smaller regions. Since large UAVs are higher in cost, drones may be preferred more for individual uses.

What is an Orthophoto Map?

Ortofo map, in accordance with the work can be done; It is the map that emerges as a result of placing the required markings on the correct coordinates on a scale, by means of ground control points with coordinate information, by using Orthomosaics, which are the products that are created by combining orthophotos together.

While preparing orthophoto maps, cartographic information such as contours level, location or location information can be added as well as map elements (title, scale, legend, direction arrow, grid). Drawings, measurements and comments can be made with these prepared maps.

How to Produce Orthophoto Map? – How is it produced?

Various programs can be preferred for the production of orthophoto maps.

Today, computer aided design, geographic information systems and remote sensing programs can be preferred in the preparation of orthophoto maps.In order to prepare orthophoto maps, the aerial photographs of the study area should be converted into orthophotos by making the necessary arrangements. For this process, remote sensing programs that can perform orthophoto operations are generally preferred, and they can both produce orthophotos and prepare their maps using the produced orthophotos.

Orthophoto Programs

You can prepare your orthophoto maps quickly and easily with the license of MapInfo Pro, a geographic information systems program, or with a free 30-day full version usage right. In addition, remote sensing software, which is strong in spatial analysis methods, is preferred instead of computer-aided design software in order to produce an orthophoto by making necessary arrangements.

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