Current Map

Current maps are maps that have significance and meaning in terms of time and in which the data on the map is updated according to time with the changes in their real-world counterparts.

How Are Başarsoft’s Current Maps Created?

As Başarsoft, we have been constantly collecting data from the field and updating our existing data with our field team, which was established in 2004. MapInfo Pro applications developed by our team are used to collect data from the field and update existing data. Our teams are constantly collecting data across the country to keep our maps up to date. In addition, map data is updated using recent satellite images and plans provided by municipalities.

How We Collect Data From The Field?

Başarsoft maps are updated every 4 months and made available for use. The first digital map of the year is produced in March. Within the scope of the map, the second map of the year is presented in July. Our latest map is on sale in October.

About Current Map of Turkey

We prepare and present the most up-to-date maps of Turkey with the data collected by our field team. The current maps we have prepared have been used in many cities, local and private companies for more than 10 years. In addition; as Başarsoft, we have been making investments to produce up-to-date navigation maps throughout Turkey since 2005.