Senior Product Manager

Hepsiemlak Success Story

How does Hepsiemlak keep its real estate infrastructure up-to-date by using Başarsoft POI data?

I am Didem Erbilgin. I have been working as a Senior Product Manager in HepsiEmlak family for 15 years.

As Hepsiemlak, we are one of the leading real estate companies in Turkey. Real estate has always been one of the most preferred investment vehicles. Due to changing trends, developing technology, environmental problems, increasing requests, we must always be able to give the most up-to-date answer to our customers requests.

Providing access to different living spaces and important points (POIs) within these living spaces for every need is one of the indispensables of our industry. Is the targeted real estate close to bus stops, hospitals, shopping malls? What are the other important points (POI) nearby? In order to provide answers to all these questions to our users, we receive up-to-date data from Başarsoft. In this way, we help users find the most suitable real estate advertisement for them.

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