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DANONE Success Story

“How did DANONE digitized their map infrastructures using Başarsoft’s Başar Map Server and Territory Planner products”

We utilize Başarsoft Solutions when delivering healthiness to as many people possible with “water”.

I am Yunus Gölle, I have been working in Danone Waters for 7 years as a Commercial Marketing and E-Commerce Expert. We serve our consumers with our products under the carboy and bottle category in our Hayat Su brand that is a part of the Danone Waters. With our 450 branch and 1350 vehicle, we have been offering service in carboy category in all Turkey for 38 years non-stop.

With the increase in transition process to visual world increasing depending on today’s conditions, this makes e-commerce and house delivery processes more substantial. Thus, keeping satisfaction at higher levels becomes a supporting factor on making a difference in the market.

Increasing the channels our customers can reach to us and presenting these channels in the easiest way is always our priority. Increasing the accessible channels has definitely increased our carboy selling numbers. Getting a quality address in the same standards from all the channels in the direction of the increase in our order channels was forming the first step we must have solve to manage the operation.

In addition to providing address standardization, we also needed to be able to quickly determine the branch assignments that would perform the order distribution.

There were neighborhood street names we have uploaded manually in the systems we get orders however continuously-changing neighborhood and street names in our country had started to make it difficult for us to to keep the data up-to-date.

To assign the correct seller to make the order delivery, our call center teams had to make manual operations and confirmations on the orders we received in online platforms. Incomplete or incorrect addresses caused loss of time and effort when leading to the wrong seller.

When we were in search of a solution, we came across to Başarsoft as a result of the consultations we have made with our teams. We have started to support our operations with Başar Map Server address services to remove these problems that we faced. And today, we continue our solution partnership by standardizing the order request we receive from different channels in a structure where we can manage our distribution process geographically.

In their order requests coming from our online order applications and alternative selling channels, our customers can speedily give orders as they can specify their location directly or with the open address information. With this structure, we obtain an orderly and coordinated address database in our systems while preventing the time loss on order screens.

Territory Planner, the solution Başarsoft has presented to us in the following step by receiving addresses with coordinations, has contributed to our operational processes. With this solution, we can automatically assign which seller will deliver the orders coming from different channels in seconds.

The solution partnership we have formed with Başasoft in the road that we continued our pace with our slogan “Water is life”, has helped to solve many problems we have experienced and fastened the progress of our processes. With this structure we built and continued uninterruptedly, we deliver this operation healthily.

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