Halil İbrahim UZUN

Study Project & GIS Department Manager

Çorum Electricity and Natural Gas Success Story

Çorum Electricity and Natural Gas, Survey Project & Geographic Information Systems Unit Manager Halil İbrahim UZUN talked about the contributions of GasnetMaestro.

I have been working as a Department Manager in the Study Project & Geographic Information Systems department at Çorum Electric ve Natural Gas for 15 years. With the natural gas distribution companies of Çorumgaz, Kargaz and Sürmeligaz within our company, we provide natural gas distribution services to our customers in 75 settlements in the provinces and districts of Çorum, Yozgat, Kastamonu, Karabük, Çankırı.

We have been using geographical information systems since 2004. We met with Başarsoft, which is a data provider in Google Maps interfaces that we use constantly, we follow for many years, know from the GIS industry, during their visit to our company. We have been working with Natural Gas Infrastructure Information System (GasnetMaestro) developed by Başarsoft for 7 years. GasnetMaestro has been very useful for us in our daily workflows with its features such as practical data entry, sharing of data with services, easy and fast reporting and production of thematic maps that serve the purpose. In addition, the fact that the system was open to improvements and offered economically, played an active role in our choice of Başarsoft.

We can divide our geographic information systems that we use within the company into address and infrastructure information systems. Considering it as an address information system; It is a system that includes the location information of the networks, starting with the first subscription process of our customers, from the detection of the building where natural gas is requested and the presence of the natural gas network in front of the building to the creation of the address written on the consumption invoice of the customers. As an infrastructure information system, it is a system in which the materials of the regional regulators, polyethylene, steel and service lines, from the city main entrance valve to the natural gas box of the buildings, are recorded with geographical data. In the GIS environment where the two systems coexist, we make reports, inquiries and progress payments according to our needs.

We have integrations within the system in the works carried out in units such as customer services, SCADA, call center, operation and maintenance, emergency teams, and internal installations. Thanks to the integrations, information flow and service monitoring are carried out transparently within the company.

We would like to thank Başarsoft, which we have been working for many years, for their support. We recommend it to companies looking for a quality solution partner.

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