Examine our Geographic Information Systems (GIS) based products and solutions, which appeal to many sectors, below.

Infrastructure Solutions



Electricity Distribution Infrastructure Management Software

  • • Interface and data structure customized and designed for LV/MV network management
  • • Making outage and network analysis with efficient network management, producing quick solutions to outages
  • • Dynamic reporting and querying with appropriate report formats for distribution network and processes
  • • Provide fast and controlled integration with other systems that need address and network data


Water Infrastructure Management Software

  • • Customized interface for water distribution networks
  • • UAVT, MAKS, call center, TAKBIS, SCADA, ABYS integrations
  • • Analyze the entire network from a single center
  • • Mobile and field workforce management
  • • Minimize user errors with regular data entry


Natural Gas Infrastructure Management Software

  • • Customized interface and data structure for the natural gas network
  • • Minimize user errors with regular data entry
  • • Quickly reach and inform your network and subscribers that will be affected by the failure
  • • Get quick reports with pre-prepared reports for networks, create your own reports
  • • Provide fast and controlled integration with other systems that need address and network data


Telecom Infrastructure Management Software

  • • Geographical based fiber and copper infrastructure management
  • • Bristle-level port management
  • • Port usage analysis
  • • Fiber network analysis
  • • Dynamic graphics and reporting
  • • Integrate with the systems used


Outage Information System

  • • Classify costly outages by type
  • • Quickly view your network’s strengths and weaknesses
  • • Prioritizing maintenance activities based on interruptions
  • • The ability to predict with artificial intelligence based on your outage data
  • • Create thematic maps according to power cuts


Water Loss-Leakage Management System

  • • Report water loss leaks with the smart water loss management platform
  • • Reporting on up-to-date data with centralized system and instant synchronization
  • • Making loss/leakage analysis by comparing the amount of water in the region with the subscriber consumption
  • • Filling the Water Balance form of the General Directorate of Water Management automatically

Google Products


Google Maps Platform

Use the Maps Everyone Knows and Loves

  • • Pricing that scales to your needs
  • • Monthly payment model as you use
  • • Price reductions for high volume uses
  • • Private sector solutions for journey, delivery and asset tracking

Google Cloud Platform

Build apps faster, make smarter business decisions, and connect people anywhere

  • • A secure system for all companies and institutions
  • • Open source and industry leading price-performance
  • • Future-oriented infrastructure
  • • Serverless, working only with code

Business Intelligence Products


Başar Map Server

Smart Map Server Service

  • • Data covering 100% of Turkey and TRNC
  • • Constantly updated address database
  • • Web service and on-premise option
  • • Suitable for public and private sector use


Service Route Optimization

  • • Cloud-based, no installation required
  • • Saves on the number of vehicles and fuel
  • • Environmentally friendly
  • • Increase staff satisfaction
  • • High performance at low cost


Your Addresses Will Now Be Found Easily

  • • Arrangement, coordinate and mapping in accordance with the address structure of Turkey’s National Address Database (UAVT)
  • • Editing old and missing address information
  • • Reporting by scoring addresses and result coordinates
  • • Working with an independent database that does not require additional license payments


Make a Market Analysis for Your Needs

  • • Perform location-based analyzes using POI, demographic and voice data
  • • View Branch-Competitor analysis on the map
  • • Perform coverage analysis based on distance or time information
  • • Streamline Branch-Site management


Shape Your Bank Network with Geographical Strength

  • • Location-based ATM/Branch analysis
  • • Benefit from Başarsoft’s large and up-to-date data sets
  • • Competitor, target audience and customer analysis
  • • Identify avenues and streets with commercial value


Take on Computable Risk!

  • • Manage your existing risk points and collateral more effectively
  • • Score risks by impact value
  • • Efficiently manage of corporate data with geographic data
  • • Make effective decisions in policy pricing and policy acceptance

Territory Planner

Manage Your Branch Areas Geographically

  • • Map base on door number detail
  • • Different drawing capabilities for service area management
  • • Order-based branch-vehicle assignment with API support
  • • Utilizing Başarsoft POI data to identify potential service areas

Başar Trafik

Live and Historical Traffic Data

  • • Detection of accident-black points
  • • Intelligent zones
  • • POI, road and residential areas data
  • • Multi-type routing

Routing Service


Route Optimization


  • • Saving vehicles and fuel by reaching more visiting points with less crew
  • • Optimum workforce utilization by spending less time on the road with well-planned routes
  • • Arrival at the destination on time with time-based and planned optimization option
  • • Calculation with live or average traffic

GIS and Remote Sensing Products


MapInfo Pro

Easiest to Use GIS Software

  • • Map creation and visualization with an easy interface
  • • Make better decisions by analyzing your data on the map
  • • Comprehensive data usage with different data formats
  • • Heatmap and LIDAR surface

MapInfo Pro Advanced

Take Your Very Big Data to the Next Level with the Advanced Module

  • • Advanced interpolation techniques
  • • Make more powerful analyzes with high performance
  • • Create maps of topography, slope, aspect, pollution, precipitation, temperature and more
  • • Work without performance limitations with virtual raster feature


Free Development Platform for MapInfo Pro

  • • Create personalized apps
  • • Adding new capabilities to MapInfo Pro
  • • Completing your repetitive operations in MapInfo Pro in less time
  • • Making code writing easier by displaying the code information of many processes in MapInfo Pro


The World's Most Preferred Remote Sensing Software

  • • Remote sensing, image and GIS analysis with a user-friendly interface
  • • High performance image processing
  • • Read-write hundreds of different satellite images, LIDAR point cloud data or GIS vector data
  • • Image classification and feature extraction using machine learning and deep learning tools
  • • Photogrammetry and image evaluation tools

Maps Registration Service


Be Accessible on Maps

  • • Registration and updating of Google, Apple, Yandex and Bing maps and navigation devices
  • • Optimization studies for cleaning up orphaned locations
  • • Analysis and comment management from the panel integrated with Google My Business
  • • Management of your locations by our professional team

Mobile Applications



Continue to Use Navigation in Indoor Areas

  • • Location detection and navigation service for visitors without using hardware
  • • Personnel, vehicle, forklift tracking and indoor field management system
  • • Visually impaired use support
  • • Possibility of use on iOS and Android platforms


Earthquake Damage Estimation Application

  • • Determination of seismic zone degree
  • • Identifying the buildings on the map
  • • Estimated damage report of buildings
  • • Building images and descriptions prepared according to FEMA standards


Manage, Visualize and Report Your Work in the Field Easily

  • • Advanced reporting feature
  • • User-friendly interface screen
  • • Person and project based authorization
  • • Instant notifications
  • • Live tracking with GPS and navigation support

Eczanem Nerede

Get Directions to the Nearest Pharmacy on Duty

  • • Viewing, routing the closest pharmacies and pharmacies on duty to your location
  • • List the pharmacies in the region you want from the province-district selection in the application
  • • 100% accuracy rate in on-duty pharmacies listed by 54 Pharmacists’ Chambers
  • • View and call the phone numbers of the pharmacies on duty in your area

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