What is Field Work Order?

Field work order is a task tracking system that provides be managed to business process from beginning to end from one point.

Managing field staff is one of the most important criteria to be success for many companies. For this reason, with developing technology and significally improvements on Geographic Information Systems, some specific solutions are developed to companies for their unique business sectors.

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Various companies, make business in a superior way and reduce their time and cost with field work order applications. Besides of increasing the number of completed tasks on the field, managing crew  that can be controlled by central system for do their work fast and faultless has became a very important value.

As Başarsoft, we provide for your company to view of your field crew’s work status instantly with our map based field work force management application called as TEAMER. With using TEAMER, you can distribute your tasks to your crew more effectively and maximize your working efficient with make possible to your crew reaching faster and in a shorter time to their target locations.

Let’s check out the flow chart about the process;

Field Work Order Flowchart

Saha iş emri akış şeması detaylarını aşağıdaki şemadan inceleyebilir, adım detaylarını öğrenebilirsiniz.

  1. Field work order assign to field staff from the HQ
  2. Assigned work order is followed as notification on their Tablet or mobile devices
  3. Field Staffs are directed to incoming work order with creating navigation plan.
  4. When crew arrive, work order is completed.
  5. Field crew send to HQ the status of work order (success or fail) via field work force application.
  6. These statistical data, field crew, cases and assignments are collected by HQ for making analysis.
Saha iş emri akış şeması

Features of Field Work Order Application

Features of Field Work Order Application

  • • Instant tracking to field personnel.
  • • Showing personnels both on the map and list view.
  • • Creating navigation to the point that depends to incoming work order.
  • • Making inquiries intended for past.
  • • Sending notifications to all users.
  • • Sending field locations’ info to the HQ together with coordinates.