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Aras Kargo Success Story

How did Aras Kargo digitize map infrastructures by using Başarsoft’s Geocoder, Başar Map Server and Territory Planner products?

As Aras Kargo, we are one of the leading companies not only in the sector but also in the Turkish economy, with our wide distribution network consisting of nearly 1000 branches and a fleet of more than 5 thousand vehicles, stopping by more than 1 million addresses.

With investments and transition projects we started in 2016, we have turned into a technology company from an operation company. As a cargo firm, address is very important for us. We are continuously in the process of bettering and developing regarding which address cargos are delivered to from which address. We have acquired an increase in delivery performance and a critical decrease in incorrect direction rate originating from the arrival branch by transforming our address-based structure into a coordination-based structure.

With our roads crossing with Başarsoft in 2018 and the reciprocal works, we have achieved great successes by accelerating this achievement again that almost came to a stopping point. Now, we can parse and geocode customer addresses very quickly with our established structures, convert them to coordinates and identify the right region, branch and even the courier.

By the means of established coordinating processes, it is possible to meet the requests coming in e-commerce very quickly and make correct branch detection quickly with correct coordination over address for both sender and the receiver. By the means of these processes, which are carried out almost without human touch, gains have been obtained in the duration of preparation and processing of consignments. By using the power gained here in delivery processes, we have achieved to contribute to our performance and increase customer satisfaction. Cargo volume that has increased in the pandemic has been met in time through this productive and healthy functioning structure.

Setting down our data to the coordinate basis enabled us to step into a new process with Başarsoft. We started our GIS (Geographical Information System) process in the year 2020. Over the map, we cast our coordinated based data directly to images, graphics, and reach various analyses and reports of our data quickly with all present and newly drawn polygons. We better our cargo processes by using the output of the analysis here in our work processes.

Alongside the up-to-dateness of address data, reciprocal work done about address coordinating algorithm, being able to work on both maps and GIS systems with the web-based portals and integrations, it had contributed to processes of our company at many points.

We thank the expert staff that worked more as a resolution partner for us than a supplier, the work they have done with up-to-date and innovative technology, and executives for their solution-oriented approach.

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