Mardin Smart City GIS is being established with Başarsoft MapInfo Pro

Mardin Smart City Geographical Information System (GIS) is being established with Başarsoft MapInfo Pro.

Mardin will attain the Smart City Geographical Information System substructure at the end of 2022 in the scope of the project carried out under the auspice of Mardin Governor and Metropolis Municipality Mayor Mahmut Demirtaş.

All substructure information (building-workplace number and numbering, floor numbers, subscriber numbers…) belonging to street and boulevard of 7 thousand 30 km road containing 10 district, 707 neighborhood and 228 hamlet and datas of 168 thousand 236 subscribers in total are transferred to Başarsoft MapInfo Pro GIS system.

In this scope, works regarding

  • — mapping of provinces, districts, neighborhoods, and hamlet borders;
  • — mapping of facility, storage, and transmission lines with road and water networks;
  • — mapping of subscribers and customer information’s integration into these maps;
  • — water loss analysis studies of Mardin have started.

Project led under the guidance of Mardin Metropolis Municipality Water and Sewage Administration (MARSU) General Manager Dr. Mehmet Songur is being prepared accordingly to the regulations in the framework of  ‘2024 Presidency Geographical Information System and Action Plan’ at the same time.

Mardin will attain a sustainable smart city-network system with Başarsoft MapInfo Pro web based map substructure by having ensured the compatibility of all Mardin drinking water, wastewater and rain water infrastructure information and the real physical condition of the field with the map infrastructure by 100% by the end of 2022.

Başarsoft Work Development and Sales Group Manager Can Yağar joined the launch meeting of the project done with the name of “MARSU Web Based Digital Innovation Platform”. At the meeting, Yağar, who presented a “Mardin Map” on behalf of Başarsoft to the Mardin Governor, Mahmut Demirtaş for his patronage, was presented with a “Plaque of Appreciation” by the Governor Demirtaş.

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