Google Maps APIs Renewed!

In May, the next generation Google Maps Platform was announced. Improvements have been made to products as they have grown to make them simpler, easier to use and scalable. Since then, investments have been made in all Google Maps products, including the Places API, to help you solve problems, optimize business operations, and develop great experiences for your users.

Developed Places APIs for Android and iOS are available. These enhanced APIs are designed to make it easy for you to use rich Places data, providing the same reliability, security, and customer support as our other Google Maps Platform products. Enhanced APIs provide enterprise features, which include:

• Unlimited Number of Requests per Day (QPD)
• 24 hours, 5 days a week, up to 1 hour customer support
• A new Service Level Agreement (SLA) with 99.9% uptime
• More frequent updates and faster bug fixes

These APIs are on a pay-as-you-Go model and are billed at the same rate as the Google Maps JavaScript API, Places API, and Places Library. Places APIs developed for Android and iOS should be replaced with existing versions. Existing Places APIs will be available until July 29, 2019. Existing Places APIs are no longer available to new customers.

We are here to assist you in the transition to new APIs. For additional information, read the Android and iOS migration guide on how to migrate to the new APIs.