DepremRiskim Mobile Application is Live

DepremRiskim: Earthquake Damage Estimation Mobile Application is Live!

Earthquake is one of the natural disasters we face today. Earthquakes cannot be prevented, but the destruction and damage they may cause can be prevented. In order to create this awareness and awareness, we launched the ‘DepremRiskim’ application, developed by Başarsoft, completely free of charge and without profit.

Users will be able to calculate the score according to the degree of seismic zone after marking the building point on the map and entering information about the building such as address, construction year and photo. In line with the information provided by the users, a vulnerability report of the building is created and a quick preliminary assessment report is presented to the user. If the score is less than 2, the user is advised to contact an expert, as it can create property and life safety. If the score is 3 or higher, it is more reassuring for the user during and after the earthquake.

The application is used for informational purposes only, without any insurance purpose. In order to determine earthquake resistance, advanced analyzes should be done together with the subject expert.

We would like to thank Prof. Dr. Şenol Hakan KUTOĞLU for his contributions to DepremRiskim.

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