Başarsoft Signed a Contract with Torosgaz

Başarsoft is expanding its service network with the contract signed with Torosgaz.

As Başarsoft, we are constantly developing our GIS (Geographic Information Systems) and infrastructure solutions by closely following the technology and thus we continue to grow.

Natural Gas Distribution Infrastructure Information System GasnetMaestro, is our subscriber information system that subscribers can track natural gas in the right location by digitizing geographic-based data. Until today, 34 companies have been able to access the correct location of network data in 37 cities of Turkey, preferring GasnetMaestro, and perform all operations related to the natural gas infrastructure in the fastest and most coordinated way.

Thanks to our contract signed with Torosgaz, which makes environmentally friendly and customer-oriented natural gas service a mission by using advanced technology, we have started to serve Isparta and Burdur. In this way, we are proud and happy that Başarsoft has started to serve 39 cities of Turkey with 35 companies by expanding its usage network.

We will continue to improve our service network in Turkey and around the world by developing our Başarsoft GIS solutions and smart maps.

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