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Başarsoft, which has been developing products and services for the needs of the public and private sectors in the field of Geographic Information Technologies since 1997, has started its activities to produce integrated, sustainable projects by integrating Remote Sensing Technologies.

Başarsoft has been the solution partner of HEXAGON Geospatial ERDAS IMAGINE software in the field of Remote Sensing Technologies, sales of Planet Scope and SkySat Satellite Images, IHA and Drone image processing software UGCS and hardware.

As Başarsoft Academy, we have prepared the necessary infrastructure to provide hands-on training of the products and services that we are solution partners.

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HEXAGON company is one of the leading companies in the world that develops products on sensors, software and autonomous systems.

Başarsoft Information Technologies Inc. since February 2020, Hexagon has made a solution partner agreement for Geospatial products in Turkey and has become the sales representative of the products in this field.

For more detailed information, you can contact us from

Hexagon Geospatial Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry Products


ERDAS IMAGINE IMAGINE Photogrammetry ER Mapper
ImageStation ECW Compression ORIMA
ERDAS APOLLO Imagine Stereo Analyst PRO600 CART
GeoCompressor Imagine SAR Interferometry PRO600 DTM
IMAGINE Auto DTM Imagine SAR Feature Stereo Analyst for ArcGIS
Terrain Editor for ArcGIS IMAGINE Objective IMAGINE Expansion Pack


Başarsoft has become the solution partner of PLANET LAB, an earth observation satellite image and API service provider, which aims to monitor the changes in the world on a daily basis. As BAŞARSOFT Remote Sensing Group, we have modeled the satellite images taken by PLATNET LAB satellites and API services in line with the demands of our customers as image supply, base image acquisition, archive image acquisition, image processing and evaluation, use of API Services and joint projects.

Planetscope, Rapideye and Skysat satellites are used by Planet Labs. Planet Labs satellite image services and image portal are available at

PlanetScope Satellites

The number of PlanetScope satellites that take images of the entire Earth’s surface every day is over 200. Due to the temporal resolution of PlanetScope satellite images, called Dove, or pigeon constellations, of 1 day, they can be used in many areas such as identifying disaster areas, monitoring agricultural products, changes in land use, detecting agricultural damage, energy sector, and construction monitoring.

PlanetScope images are presented as basic, orthorectified, converted to radiance or reflectance. For detailed information, visit

Planet Scope Specifications

    • Satellite Operator: Planet Lab, USA
    • First Launch Date: December 6, 2015
    • Multispectral Resolution 3 m (red, green, blue, NIR)

    Red: 610 – 700 nm

    Green: 500 – 590 nm

    Blue: 420 – 530 nm

    NIR: 770 – 900 nm

    • Estimated Life: 1 year (ISS orbit); 2-3 years (TOA orbit)
    • Radiometric Resolution: 12 bit
    • Georeferenced Horizontal Accuracy: < 10m RMSE

SkySat Satellites

It is a sub-meter resolution earth observation constellation of Planet Labs. SkySay satellites record video clips of up to 90 seconds at 30 frames per second as well as high resolution imagery.

The resolution of SkySat satellite images and videos is high enough to observe objects that affect the global economy, such as terrain, automobiles and shipping containers. SkySat satellites’ high-definition satellite video “analyzes the movement of goods and people, providing visual data on supply chains, shipping, industrial plant activity, and even humanitarian aid.

SkySat Satellite Technical Specifications

    • Satellite Operator: Planet Lab, USA
    • First Satellite Launch Date: July 8, 2014 (Skysat 1)
    • Orbit: 450 km
    • Panchromatic Resolution: 72 m (for Skysat1) 1.1 m (for Skysat-2)
    • Multispectral Resolution: 1 m (red, green, blue, NIR)

    Red: 605 – 695 nm

    Green: 515 – 595 nm

    Blue: 450 – 515 nm

    NIR: 740 – 900 nm

    • Lane Width: 2 km panchromatic, 8 km multispectral
    • Radiometric Resolution: 16 bit
    • Georeferenced Horizontal Accuracy: < 10m RMSE

Planet Labs API Services

You can run Planet Scope API services within your applications. There are 3 Planet Labs API services: Analytic, Planet Data and BaseMap. It allows automation in your applications, accelerates processes, It is an interface created so that the functions of one application can be used in another application. It ensures that two software or databases can work seamlessly with each other and communicate with each other in the most healthy way.

Planet Analytics API

It is an API used to evaluate images taken from planetary satellites and turn them into value-added products. With this API, you can detect and classify objects, define geographical features, and analyze changes over time. It monitors continuously in a defined area and automatically reports the changes of the objects you want to monitor over time.

PlanetData API

It provides support for searching, cropping, sorting, downloading, converting to different formats, viewing images taken from planet satellites within your own application. In addition, with the Planet Data API, users can retrieve the images they need and the GeoJSON metadata associated with the images. They can easily integrate the images they receive from the Planet Data API into their own applications and tools. Notifications are sent to Planet Data API users when they add a new image.

Planet BaseMap API

It allows you to use mosaic images from planet satellites as a base in your applications. Footer images are automatically reproduced and published each year. The whole world is displayed in RGB tapes.

Başarsoft UAV/Drone Solutions

Multicopter and fixed wing UAV systems produced within Başarsoft carry out image capture and evaluation activities with RGB, multispectral, hyperspectral, LIDAR and thermal sensors in accordance with the nature of the work to be done in line with customer demands.

Agricultural areas are monitored with the MicaSense RedEdge-M camera on the drone system, which we call AG-SKY (Agricalture Sky). By analyzing these images, it is possible to monitor the phenological development of agricultural products, monitor plant health status, remove plant water stress, and apply fertilizers with variable ratios according to plant development status.

Our fixed-wing UAVs, which we call SKYMAP and Termal Map, have 3 hours of airtime. We can also install cameras and sensors on these UAVs, depending on the nature of the work to be done.

  • • Security and Intelligence Activities,
  • • Electricity transmission line inspection,
  • • Natural gas pipeline inspection,
  • • Wind turbine inspection,
  • • Solar energy systems inspection,
  • • Campus and Area Security Services,
  • • Building Thermal Insulation Analysis,
  • • Forest fires,
  • • Natural Disaster Damage Assessment,
  • • Reconnaissance – Surveillance,
  • • Orthophoto and 3D Terrain Model Production,
  • • Agricultural Land Inspection
  • • 360° shooting capability
  • • Spraying of agricultural areas with drone

Information on some of the projects carried out by BAŞARSOFT with IHA/Drone systems is given below.

Monitoring of Mining Sites

Stock Account in Storage Facilities

Existing Map Production

Precision Agriculture Applications

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