Başarsoft Has Started Its Journey in The Blockchain and Crypto Ecosystem!

Başarsoft has started its journey in the blockchain and crypto ecosystem!

We continue to develop our smart map technology in Turkey and the world. Our company, which takes it as a mission to closely follow the technology trends in the world, plans to integrate our solutions into other vertical sectors as well as maps.

In line with our goals, we have decided to take our place in the blockchain and crypto ecosystem. We aim to bring our solutions and products to the global market with the cooperation protocol we signed with BitTürk, an easy and reliable platform where you can buy, sell and manage Bitcoin and crypto money in our country. With the investment we have made in BitTürk by acquiring a 10 percent share, we aim to carry our solutions abroad thanks to the blockchain technology.

Our CEO Alim Küçükpehlivan signed the cooperation protocol with BitTürk(, a crypto money exchange platform,) on behalf of Başarsoft. Evaluating our investment in blockchain technology, Alim Küçükpehlivan, our CEO and Vice Chairman of the Turkish Software Industrialists Association, stated that Başarsoft will become a much more effective player in the global arena with this acquisition. Küçükpehlivan said, “There is a need to integrate our map technologies into the blockchain and the blockchain into our map technologies.

Bittürk Başarsoft 2

Maybe we will enable BitTurk to take the path which would take 5 or 10 years, in 1 year or 2 years, and they will support Başarsoft to meet this sector and produce hybrid products. Thus, not only Başarsoft but also BitTurk and the software industry will win” he added.

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